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My Approach to Therapy: My therapeutic work is founded in the belief that we all have the innate capacity to heal, grow, and thrive. While it is our birthright to experience ourselves as whole, worthy, valued, and safe, the impact of intergenerational trauma, racism, colonialism, sexism, abuse, neglect & myriad forms of violence can distort our sense of identity and self worth, and destructively imprint on our nervous systems. As my main focus is working with individuals and couples/relationships on issues related to intimacy, relationship dynamics, and sex & sexuality, the orientation of my work is informed by attachment sciences & Emotionally Focused Therapy to support the healing of attachment wounds, and I use somatic-based skills to aid in regulating nervous systems (both individually and in relationship with a significant other/s) to rebuild a sense of trust with self & others, and ownership over our own bodies & desires.

My Ethics & Values: In my practice, I aim to be radically inclusive, meaning that I welcome all people and celebrate diversity of race, culture, sexual orientation, gender, ability, faith, size, & lifestyle. It is extremely important to me that I respect all parts of your identity, and I strive to remain aware of the complexity that can exist in individuals with intersectional identities. As such, I approach therapy with a systemic-trauma informed perspective of how various forms of oppression impact people with marginalized identities, and I hold a critical lens for limitations that have been imposed on us based on how we were socialized. As a white cisgender female, I hold myself accountable to being aware of the privileges that my race and identity afford me, and continually strive to align myself both personally and professionally with ethics and practice that are inclusive and anti-oppressive. 

My Credentials: I've obtain a Bachelors degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Social Work, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of North Carolina. I'm pursuing certification as an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, which means that I have received specialized training in sexual health & best therapeutic practices to support sexual wellbeing for individuals and relationships. I am also an Accredited Professional with the International Enneagram Association. 

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