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Individual Counseling

Are you feeling stuck, blocked, or stunted? Many of us make the mistake of attributing our ‘stuckness’ to character flaws (“if only I were more or less…” or “if only I wasn’t so..”) we make sweeping generalizations about ourselves and others that ultimately keep us in our stuckness and blocks us from connection and forward movement. Let’s change that. 

 If you are suffering under the weight of the status quo, the mundane, or the “just not working anymore” in an area of your life, individual counseling can support you in your journey. I aim to assist you in becoming unstuck in dissatisfaction so you can move towards the life that matches the vision you hold for yourself.  

From the support of therapy, you will regain contact with that part of yourself that knows you are worthy of being in relationship with, become better attuned to identifying and communicating your needs, and enhance your skills to give and receive love more effectively. 

On a personal level, I know what it's like to feel stuck in life and disconnected in relationships. It's uncomfortable and it sucks. It's also normal and okay. Sometimes feeling stuck takes the form of pain or longing, a loud nagging anxiety, indecisiveness & confusion, other times it shows up as numbness.  Whatever the form, together we can work to untangle the knot that is keeping you stuck, so you are free to experience more pleasure and satisfaction within yourself and your relationships.

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