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Couples/Relationship Counseling

I work with couples & relationships who are looking to deepen their connection with one another and restore a sense of closeness. There are a multitude of influences that can cause a relationship to feel stuck, stale, or become wrought with conflict [work, children, stress, life transitions, breach of trust], we all have so many demands for our attention, deadlines, and duties that maintaining a sense of intimacy is difficult. When our intimate partner relationship is strained, the rest of our life can feel so difficult.  Our intimate relationships are often the bedrock for our sense of comfort and safety- when our intimate partner relationship feels solid and secure, we can feel greater confidence to take risks and branch out towards growth in other areas of our lives.  As such, investing time and energy to regain harmony and intimacy in our relationships is worth the effort.

If you are experiencing strain, insecurity, high conflict, or chronic distance in your relationship, relational counseling can help. We all bring parts of our past into our present (aka: baggage) and often the wounds from our past inform how we engage in our most important relationships...and it's often not the most flattering parts of ourselves that show up during times of stress. In relationship counseling, I will work with you and your partner to learn to communicate more effectively, deepen your sense of connection, and increase comfort with true vulnerability. By strengthening the bond of your connection, you will be able to better navigate life's challenges, and discern what is best for your joint future. 

I work with all varieties of love and relationships- monogamous couples, ethically non-monogamous, poly relationships, & friendships. I honor the agreements fundamental to your relationship, and work with you to become stronger, and more harmonious in your connection. My practice is sex literate & sex positive.

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