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Sliding Scale Fees

The what and why behind the sliding scale

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I offer counseling services on a sliding scale fee system. The fee scale is the same for individual sessions and sessions with multiple people (couples/relationships). Offering counseling at a sliding scale fee is an ethical cornerstone of my practice, it is something that I deeply believe in. Please read all of the information below to better understand the why and the how behind it. If you find that you do not have the bandwidth to read all of this information, feel free to schedule a call to find out more via my contact page.

Why: As a commitment to economic justice and community, I believe that healing and movement towards loving connections is far too valuable to be prohibited from someone due to a lack of financial means.   On a personal note, my health would not be what it is today if it were not for other generous practitioners and providers in our community who create space for emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being on sliding-scale fees. When I was working multiple jobs with no insurance, or had impossibly high deductibles that I couldn’t afford to use my insurance, there were other healthcare providers out there who kept me afloat. I offer the sliding scale out of active gratitude to our community, and the deep belief that empowered and healthy individuals create healthy and empowered relationships, families, and communities.  

How it works: A practice that runs on sliding scale fees only works if each participant makes a payment choice from a place of honesty and integrity. It is important to remember that the point is not to offer “cheap therapy” but quality therapeutic services that are available at multiple access points for folks with different financial situations. When it comes to payment for services, the goal is equity, not equality. Regardless of where you fall on the sliding scale, the counseling services you receive from me will be the same quality. With that, I also need to make sure that I am able pay overhead fees and compensate myself fairly so I am able to show up for this work feeling healthy and present. For the purpose of sustainability, I have created three tiers with a suggested fee range for each (low-range, mid-range, or full range). I have a certain number of appointments available within each tier/range (for example, 5 appointments/clients paying within the low-range). 

To find out more about appointment availability and fees, send me a message via the Contact page or email me at

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